Cases, Sizing & Bands

Physical Case Repairs 

Physical repairs such as clasps, crowns, rivet pins, and refinishing are done daily, often while you wait. Because we offer so many services not available anywhere else we receive lots of referrals from all over the Puget Sound.

Sizing & Band Adjustments

Properly Fitted Watch Bands & Straps

We offer a 1 year guarantee on resizing your watch band. We size all models of straps including the very unique Rado series and all other ceramic watches.

We are sometimes capable of shortening beyond the standard limits removing links the manufacturer never meant to have removed allowing them to fit very small wrists. We also have a large supply of graveyard parts allowing us to often custom fit additional links if originals are lost or a larger size than standard is needed.

There are also methods of adjusting the clasp to allow for a large hand to wrist ratio that way a watch that fits over a large hand will not just spin around the wrist because it is too big. Come in today and walk out with the proper fit and enjoy your new watch.