Crystal Replacement

Crystal Materials, Fittings, and Magnifiers

The lens of the watch is called the crystal, it is made of 4 possible materials: acrylic, mineral glass, K-1(hardened mineral), or Sapphire. We carry all types on-hand for simple rounds from 1mm to 3mm thick. We can hand grind odd shaped lenses and can make fittings for vintage and domed models. 

Date magnifiers of different sizes are available for placement on flat crystals, in mineral and sapphire these can take a useless feature of your watch and makes it readable again. All watches are resealed for the same water resistance level. Originals can be ordered from most manufacturers and placed using press fit, uvglue or epoxy.

We enjoy being able to change almost any x-tal in a matter of minutes. Stop in and see how just a lens change can make your whole watch look brand new!