Engraving Creates Memories

We have spent countless hours developing custom techniques on the newest high-tech machines and endeavoring to be the only place you ever look, to make your memories last a lifetime.

Come in, talk to our engravers and find out for yourself why we are the number one engraver in Seattle and Bellevue. Using Several graphic arts programs we take your art and turn it into everlasting memories. 

  • Laser Metal Engraving Machine Coherent ROFIN EasyJewel that is cutting edge
  • Epilog laser engraving fusion co2 60 watt
  • Gravograph’s Mechanical Engraving IS400

Glass Metal Wood

We are here to make your thoughts come to reality on your special day, event or item. We engrave on any and all materials, even tungsten carbide. Glass has a neat appearance, especially when done in reverse from the backside. Wood can be cut to depth allowing 3D lettering and designs we have even cut gears and components for wooden clocks. Metal can be transformed from just an object to a sentimental keepsake with filled designs it can even gain a 3D appearance. We engrave all types of objects from rings to tools to vases to trophies to wine bottles for individuals, groups and corporations.

Custom Engraved Memorabilia - Awards & Recognitions

We do many recurring awards and retirement gifts for groups in the area including: Four Seasons employee of the month and The Everett Clinic retiring doctor gifts.  Bring your ideas to us but keep an open mind we often help take a fun idea and help make it into lasting gift they will remember forever. We have catalogs of different types of items and if we don’t have it, we will find out how we can get it for you.

Anniversary & Weddings

The bridesmaid’s and groomsman’s gift is one of the most common group gift items we do.  We offer so many choices for this type of item from pocket watches and flasks, to key chains and pocket knives.  Your special day can only be enhanced by a life time memory on a timeless gift. We often create a special logo for the couple made from the merging of their initials it is a great way start a union of two people in love. 

Photo Engraving  

Using the newest high-end technology we are now able to take your photo and transfer it to a metal or acrylic item for a permanent memory. We can use a photo sent by text message, by email or by transfer on a flash drive. The resolution of our photo engraving is unparalleled by any other machine making your photo as close to picture perfect as possible.

Some things to consider when picking out a photo:

  • Contrast is key, since it will in essence become black and white and washed out images don’t look good if there is no distinguishing color
  • Choose a well centered subject with ample space surrounding them so the image can be cropped to fit the shape of the item
  • Make sure the edges of their face and hair stand out against the background as it makes the images much easier to transfer to the final product.

We have found many ways to commemorate that special someone in your life so they will always be will you.

Custom Logo & Design

We offer graphic artists that can create your logo or convert your current logo into a format that will generate the best possible outcome for any engraving. We can use either our traditional engraving machine or our new photo engraver for optimal image appearance on the items we are processing for you. We have done this for a single engraving such as the Mexican flag, selecting out the eagle and the snake for a cool part of a current logo. We do runs of multiple items such as flasks for OOLA Distillery. We often take letters and create logos in a similar manner to Yves Saint Laurent. Every company has outstanding features that convert themselves into a great logo.   

Engravable Items

We carry a wide variety of items for your engraving selection. Our selection of watches and clocks is a good start, having over 1000 watches for you to choose from. We also carry: 

  • Glass and Acrylic Awards
  • Flasks
  • Business Card Holders
  • Dog Tags
  • Cuff links
  • Bracelets
  • Frames
  • Trinkets